How I Made $632.54 Selling College Notes

As a struggling college student I hate buying expensive textbooks. Not only do they sometimes cost over $100, most of the time they aren’t even used in the class.

Two years ago I decided that this madness would stop and that I would no longer be buying these useless books.

But if you don’t buy any books how will you prepare for your exam?

Since I barely used to attend classes I also didn’t have any good notes to study from.  So I bought some book summaries from fellow students and by trading various documents I was able to get all the necessary learning material at a fraction of the cost of buying the expensive textbooks.

I bought these summaries on online platforms where people could sell their notes. Often times I was amazed by how many copies these students were able to sell. There was obviously a demand for notes and summaries. Continue reading “How I Made $632.54 Selling College Notes”